VEME Active Series Stereo Earbuds- White, Black, and Blue (5 Count)

Color: White
Sale price$19.99


Brand VEME
Item Earbuds with Traditional Headphone Jack
Colors White, Black, and Blue
Count 5
Packaging  Clear Handle Box
Single Unit Price $3.99
5 Count Price $19.99

Product Information 

COUNT: This item is sold in counts of 5. One order consists of 5 individual units of the variant selected. The price of one unit is $3.99, meaning the price of a 5 count is $19.99.

DESCRIPTION: Introducing the VEME Active Series Stereo Earbuds, designed to deliver superior audio performance in any setting. Available in classic white, sleek black, and vibrant blue, these earbuds are your gateway to an immersive sound experience.


COMFORT-FOCUSED DESIGN: The VEME Active Series Stereo Earbuds are meticulously designed for optimal comfort, delivering exceptional audio for both calls and music.

With VEME's cutting-edge noise cancellation, immerse yourself in tranquility. Ideal for travel, work, or any loud environment, these earbuds minimize distractions, enhancing your audio entertainment.

 Experience pristine sound with VEME's earbuds, featuring noise cancellation and three silicone gel tip sizes for a seamless, ambient noise-free listening experience.

Designed with a flat, tangle-proof cable, the VEME Active Series ensures a smooth and frustration-free audio session, avoiding the common annoyance of tangled wires.

The earbuds come with an in-built microphone, offering you the convenience to adjust volume, manage calls, mute, or control your playlist on any compatible device.

Invest in the VEME ACTIVE SERIES STEREO EARBUDS for unmatched sound quality paired with stylish design. They're your perfect audio ally for music, podcasts, or any sound experience throughout your day.Windows Devices 

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