Casino Gold

Burning oils are designed to fill the air with the consumer's preferred aroma, turning their designated area into a pleasant environment. To capture this aroma, one must pair the item with an oil burner and tealight candle. A couple of drops of the scented oil must be mixed with water and placed on top of the burner, while a tealight candle burns below it. When the oil/water mixture gets hot enough it will begin to evaporate and fill the room with the selected scent. Customers love the item's distinguished and effective aroma. 

This item happens to be our best-selling product. This is due to Casino Gold, the burning oil brand we offer. Casino Gold is directly affiliated with Legend Distributors. We are the owners of the company and have been operating it for over 30 years. We began this brand to combat our customers' endless requests for new fragrances. There was no brand or company that could adequately fulfill all these requests, so we created our own. However, this was not easy; we worked relentlessly to perfect our product. We tested multiple flavors in several different markets over the years until every single one of our consumers was satisfied. As of today, we offer 72 different scents and are continuously expanding. Stores love the wide selection and how fast the item moves. One order of burning oils features 24 individual units of the flavor selected. A 24 count is priced at $36.00, meaning an individual unit is priced at $1.50

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