Blunt Storm

Blunt Storm is a company that specializes in the production of fragrance-related products, specifically air freshener sprays and incense sticks. They currently offer 14 different flavors, each flavor has been tested rigorously to ensure customer satisfaction. The company is dedicated to spreading peace, love, and harmony through their fragrances. They can be used for spiritual purposes, to stimulate creativity, or just freshen up the scent of a room.  

Blunt Storm offers two variations of incense sticks, regular and jumbo. Both are 11 inches however, the jumbo incense are much thicker. The thickness creates a longer burning time, perfect for those who prefer longer-lasting incense. Although the jumbo incense are much thicker, we price both at the same rate. One order features 12 individual units of the flavor selected. The price of a 12 count is $6.50, meaning the price of an individual unit is $0.54.

Along with fragrance oils, Incense sticks are one of the first products we began to sell here at Legend Distributors.  We have tested multiple flavors, brands, and lengths in several different markets over the years, working relentlessly to provide the best product possible for our customers. The brands and variations we offer are the result of 30 years of hard work and experience. 

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