BluntLife Spray

Fill the room with a pleasing and comfortable aroma using BluntLife's air freshener sprays.

BluntLife is a well-established American brand. Their products are developed and produced in the USA. The company is both knowledgeable and well respected due to its 20+ years of experience in the fragrance industry. They have used this extensive experience to develop the best sprays possible. They feature numerous flavors and have grown extremely popular due to their distinct and effective smell. They are widely distributed through a network of wholesalers and are primarily sold in convenience stores.

Due to the wide variety of flavors and scents, BluntLife sells its air freshener sprays in assorted displays of 50. This ensures that every flavor is featured, and customers have a large selection to choose from. The flavors include American Dream, Baby Powder, Black Ace, Black Love, Black Rain, Bling Bling, Butt Naked, Cool Baby, Dark Kush Egyptian Oud, Floral Bouquet, Friends, Hip Hop, Juicy, Just Chill, Lick Me All Over, Vanilla Fusion, And more... 

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