Incense Sticks

Enlighten your senses and stimulate your inner peace with our large collection of incense sticks.

Incense is the world's oldest form of fragrance; their history can be traced back thousands of years. They were originally introduced into ancient civilizations to aid in worship and prayer. However, as time moved on people began to implement the fragrance into several other activities including meditation, aromatherapy, relaxation, and odor elimination. 

The product's multiple uses caused it to become extremely popular. Several forms of the product can now be found around the world. The most popular being incense sticks. An incense stick is essentially a thin stick of bamboo coated incense. Thousands of different flavors, lengths, and variations are produced every year.

They are the perfect way to change the scent and atmosphere of any room. This convenient quality has caused the product to constantly be in demand. Several consumers appreciate the easy use and beautiful aromatic scents, making this a great product to feature in your store or wholesale. 

Along with fragrance oils, incense sticks are one of the first products we began to sell here at Legend Distributors. We have tested multiple flavors, brands, and lengths in several different markets over the years, working relentlessly to provide the best product possible for our customers. The brands and variations we offer are the result of 30 years of hard work and experience.

The incense sticks listed below range in packaging, quality, length, brand, and price. Please use the links to view your preferred option.

                      Blunt Cloud           Golden Sticks          BluntLife           Blunt Black           Blunt Storm