SABA Tealights - "White Unscented" - 10 Pack- Made in USA (20 Count)

Sale price$25.00


Brand SABA
Item Tealights
Color White
Scent Unscented
# of Tealights Per Unit 10
Single Unit Price $1.25
50 Count Price  $25.00
Country of Origin USA

Product Information

COUNT: The item is sold in counts of 20. One order consists of 20 individual units of the item selected. The price of one unit is $1.20, meaning a 20 count is $25.00.

DESCRIPTION: Tealight candles are small candles that come in metal casings that enclose the wax as the candle burns. Typically, tealights are burned inside a candle holder, and can be used for a variety of purposes including decoration. 



10 PACK: These tealights come in 10 packs, meaning one unit features 10 individual tealights.

BURN TIME: These candles last up to four hours. They are very reliable and ideal for long time use. Avoid the struggle of having to light, relight, and replace your candles by switching to SABA Tealights.

USES: Whether your battling a power outage, decorating a wedding, or creating a romantic atmosphere our tealights have you covered. These candles can be used to spice up almost any occasion. Including WEDDINGS, ROMANTIC EVENINGS, HOUSE PARTIES, RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS, and any EVENING AFFAIR. Our tealights will also provide a very decorative feel to your environment. Use them to enliven your RESTAURANT, SPA, PARTY, HOUSE, CHURCH, or DINNER.

SMOKE/STAIN PROOF: Our candles cause absolutely NO SMOKE while burning, preventing the nauseating affect one usually obtains from burning candles. Our tealights also come in an aluminum container that not only keeps you protected from the heat but also stops any wax drippings. This will keep your household, business, or community clean and protected from any stains.

VERSATILE VALUE PACK: SABA Tealights wants to ensure that they make their customers lives as convenient as possible. This is why their tealights come in a pack of 10 at a very affordable price.

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