Remax RB-T3 Bluetooth Headset- Silver (5 Count)

Sale price$69.99


Brand Remax
Items Included Bluetooth Headset, Charging Cable (Micro-USB), Storage Bag
Standby Time About 200 Hours
Playtime About 5 Hours
Charging Time

About 2 Hours

Colors Silver
Count 5
Packaging  Retail Box 
Single Unit Price $13.99
10 Count Price $69.99

 Product Information 

COUNT: This item is sold in counts of 5. One order consists of 5 individual units of the variant selected. The price of one unit is $13.99, meaning the price of a 5 count is $69.99.

DESCRIPTION: Introducing the REMAX RB-T5 Bluetooth Headset in Silver - a masterpiece of design and technology tailored for the discerning customer. With its unparalleled blend of elegance, functionality, and advanced features, this headset is set to redefine your audio experience.


ELEGANT AND SOPHISTICATED DESIGN: The REMAX RB-T5, presented in a stunning silver finish, exemplifies sophistication. Its sleek, modern design not only looks professional but also offers an ergonomic fit that ensures comfort for prolonged usage. This headset is a statement accessory that complements your style.

ADVANCED BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: Utilizing cutting-edge Bluetooth technology, the RB-T5 guarantees a stable, quick pairing with a multitude of Bluetooth-enabled devices. Experience hassle-free connectivity with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted audio experience.

SUPERIOR SOUND QUALITY: Dive into a world of crystal-clear audio with the REMAX RB-T5. It's engineered to deliver high-fidelity sound, enriched with crisp trebles and deep bass tones. Whether you're handling important calls or getting lost in your favorite tunes, this headset offers an immersive sound experience.

INTUITIVE USER CONTROLS: The RB-T5 is designed with user convenience in mind. Its accessible controls allow you to effortlessly manage calls, adjust volume levels, and navigate through your music playlist. Experience simplicity and efficiency at your fingertips.

EXCEPTIONAL BATTERY LIFE: Tailored for the active lifestyle, the RB-T5 boasts a long-lasting battery, ensuring you remain connected throughout your day. The fast charging capability means less time tethered to a power source and more time enjoying uninterrupted connectivity.

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