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PVC Micro USB to USB-A Charging Cable "3m, 10ft" (20 Count)

Vendor Legend Distributors
Regular price $80.00
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Brand Generic
Item Micro USB to USB-A
Length 3m (10ft)
Material PVC
Colors White, Black
Count 20
Packaging  Clear Handle Bag
Single Unit Price $4.00
20 Count Price $80.00

Product Information 

COUNT: This item is sold in counts of 20. One order consists of 20 individual units of the variant selected. The price of one unit is $4.00, meaning the price of a 20 count is $80.00.

DESCRIPTION: This Micro USB to USB-A cable is 3ft in length and is compatible with many different electronic devices. It comes in PVC covering and is available in two different colors, white and black. It is packaged in a clear handle bag, meaning it can be hung on a display. It is priced at $4.00 a unit and can be ordered in counts of 20. 

HOW IT WORKS: This 3-feet Micro USB to USB-A Cable can be used to charge several different devices. This includes Android phones and tablets, speakers, batteries, cameras, and other products. To use, insert the Micro USB adapter into your device. Then connect the USB-A adapter to either a power adapter or a compatible computer. Both will charge your phone, however, a computer also allows you to sync information into either device.


MULTIUSE- While, this product is advertised as a Galaxy (Android) charger it can be used to charge several other devices. This is because it was once considered to be the standard connector. Its small size made it very popular with tech manufactures. As a result, the cable can be used to charge devices like speakers, headphones, batteries, and cameras. 

CLEAR PACKAGING: This product is packaged in a clear handle bag, an image of the bag can be seen above. This method of packaging is both appealing and organized. This is because the bag presents the product in a clear and professional fashion. It is tightly packaged and displays the key elements of the cable. Customers tend to judge a product based on its initial appearance. The more appealing a product looks, the more likely it will be sold. We have recognized this fact and decided to use this method of packaging to help maximize sales.

CONVENIENT PACKAGING/DISPLAY: Another advantage the clear handle bag brings is that it can be hung on any display or hook. Hanging a product on a display increases the chances of a sale tremendously. This is because displays make the product more noticeable. Customers are usually busy and do not have the time to sort through multiple items. A product hung on a display is easy to find. It presents itself clearly and in an organized fashion ultimately attracting customers and increasing the probability of a sale. Click the link to view our collection of displays.

PVC: Like most traditional cables, this charger is made out of PVC. PVC provides several advantages. First off, it gives the cable a simple and clean look. Which ultimately attracts more customers and increases sales.  It also makes the cable a lot more tough and durable. Since the outer layer protects the charger from liquid and physical damage. 

LENGTH: This cable solves a problem that people have been struggling with since the invention of the smartphone. Traditional smartphone cables are very short, usually 3 feet in length, making it almost impossible to use your phone while it's connected. Unless you have a very conveniently placed outlet you will find yourself in an uncomfortable position. However, this cable helps eliminate the problem firsthand since it is 10ft in length. The abnormally long cable stretches a lot further then a traditional charger ensuring that consumers have the ability to use their phone no matter their battery percentage. This feature makes it a very popular item with both stores and customers. 


Samsung Galaxy- S7 Edge/ S7/ S6 Edge/ S6/ S4/ S3

Samsung Galaxy Note- Note 5/ Note 4/ Note 3/ J3/ J7/ A3/ A5/ A7

Samsung Galaxy Tab- Tab 4/ Tab 3/ Tab A/ Tab E/ Tab S2/ Tab S/ Tab Pro

HTC- One A9/ One M9/ One M8/ One E8/ One M7/ One Remix/ Desire 626/ Desire 626S

Motorola- Turbo/ Moto X/ Moto G/ Moto E/ Moto G6/ Moto G5/ Moto G4/ Moto G3

LG- G4 /G3 /G2/ Optimus/ Flex 2

LG Stylus- G2/ V10/ K10

Microsoft Lumia- 430/ 435/ 532/ 535/ 540/ 550/ 640/ 640 XL/ 650

BlackBerry- Z10

Nokia- Lumia Series/ X Series

Game Consoles- PS4/ XBOX/ PS Vita/ Nintendo DS

Other Devices- Readers/ Printers/ Wireless keyboards/ Digital Cameras/ Camcorders/ Bluetooth Speakers/ MP3 Players/ Hard drives/ Portable Charger/ Windows Notebooks/ GPS devices