Mophie Power Station With USB-C and USB-A Ports- Space Grey (5 Count)

Sale price$54.95


Brand Mophie
Item Portable Charger
Color Space Grey
Count 5
Packaging  Box
Compatibility USB-C and USB-A
Single Unit Price $10.99
Price $54.95


Product Information 

COUNT: This item is sold in counts of 5 One order consists of 5 individual units of the variant selected. The price of one unit is $10.99, meaning a 5 count is $54.95

DESCRIPTION: Discover the pinnacle of portable charging with the Mophie USB-C Powerstation. Designed for the modern tech enthusiast, this power bank's minimalist silhouette is matched by its robust capability to keep your devices powered on-the-go.


ENDURING CAPACITY: With a 10,000mAh battery delivering up to 48 hours of extra battery life, the Mophie USB-C Powerstation is a powerhouse. It supports 15W fast charge for USB-C enabled devices, ensuring your tech essentials are quickly ready for action.

TWO CABLES INCLUDED: Each Mophie USB-C Powerstation comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable and a USB-C to USB-A cable, ensuring you have all the necessary connections for your devices right out of the box.

DUAL-PORT ADVANTAGE:Equipped with an additional USB-A charging port, the Mophie USB-C Powerstation allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. It's not just about power, but also about maximizing time and efficiency.

INTELLIGENT DESIGN: Featuring Priority+ charging and LED power indicators, the powerstation is user-friendly and intuitive. Its advanced circuitry enables pass-through charging, providing power to your device first before recharging the power bank itself.

STREAMLINED SOPHISTICATION: With its space grey finish, the Powerstation is a paragon of sophistication, blending seamlessly with your tech ensemble. Its slender profile is not just visually appealing but also thoughtfully designed for portability, slipping easily into your life on the move.

DURABILITY AND PORTABILITY: Crafted to endure the demands of everyday use, this powerstation is not just another gadget—it's an indispensable ally in a world driven by technology. Wherever you go, the Mophie USB-C Powerstation is ready to support your power needs with grace and strength.


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