Michael Zohar Tealights - "White Unscented"- 30 Pack (12 Count)

Sale price$33.00


Brand Michael Zohar
Item Tealights
Color White
Scent Unscented
# of Tealights Per Unit 30
Single Unit Price $2.75
24 Count Price  $33.00

Product Information

COUNT: The item is sold in counts of 12. One order consists of 12 individual units of the item selected. The price of one unit is $2.75, meaning a 12 count is $33.00.

DESCRIPTION: Tealight candles are small candles that come in metal casings that enclose the wax as the candle burns. Typically, tealights are burned inside a candle holder, and can be used for a variety of purposes including decoration. 


30 PACK: These tealights come in 30 packs, meaning one unit features 30 individual tealights.

PUT YOUR TRUST IN MICHAEL ZOHAR CANDLES: Michael Zohar Candles is a reliable and well-established company. This quote shows why you can put your trust in their product. "We’ve been helping people all over the world light up spaces indoors and outdoors with our premium candles. It’s our passion. We pour our heart and soul into every candle, ensuring that our customers get a great product at an affordable price." 

YOUR TOTAL SATISFACTION IS OUR #1 PRIORITY: "We’re so confident that these will be the best, most versatile tea candles unscented that you’ve ever use!!!."- Michal Zohar Candles

NO SMOKE AND NO SMELL, HASSLE-FREE: This high-end 30 pack candle set is made from the best natural palm oil. They’re unscented, smokeless, and have a 3.5 hour burn time. The mini romantic candles are wrapped in durable aluminum tins that eliminate dripping. 

THERE ARE NEARLY ENDLESS PRACTICAL USES: These non-toxic tea lights candles have tons of uses from parties and events to businesses and emergencies. They’re excellent for romantic decor, home, kitchen, bathroom, pool, wedding, meditation, bridal shower, spa, holidays, rituals, Shabbat, Shabbos, memorials, DIY crafts, church, emergencies, survival, and more. 

THOROUGHLY INSPECTED AND METICULOUSLY PACKAGED: If a candle doesn’t pass the companies rigorous inspection process, it’s not included in the set. Plain and simple. Once they’ve ensured the set of candles is comprised of flawless candles, they professionally pack it, so it arrives to you safe and sound. 



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