Blunt Cloud Incense Sticks 11"- Opium & Spice (12 Count)

Sale price$12.00


Brand Blunt Cloud
Item Incense Sticks
Scent Opium & Spice
Packaging  Box/Pouch
Stick Length 11 inches
Sticks Per Pouch 40
Single Unit Price $1.00
12 Count Price $12.00


Product Information

COUNT: This item is sold in counts of 12. One order consists of 12 individual units of the item selected. The price of one unit is $1.00, meaning a 12 count is $12.00

OPIUM & SPICE: A relaxing and calming scent that creates a euphoric atmosphere that is great for unwinding and promoting healthy sleep patterns. Perfect for inner peach and stability due to its calming nature.

STICKS PER POUCH: One individual unit/pouch contains 40 incense sticks.

BURNING INCENSE: Burning Incense are used to freshen up the scent of indoor areas. They are made of natural materials that create a fragrant, aromatic smoke when lit. The item is used for spiritual purposes, self-improvement, and odor elimination. 

HOW TO USE: To use put the stick in an incense holder, and light the tip of the stick with a lighter or a match. Once it catches, you gently blow out the flame. The stick will continue to smolder with a red ember at the end, releasing aromatic smoke. 


ABOUT: Blunt Cloud is a company that has been producing incense for over 20 years. They are dedicated to creating the best possible product for their consumers and clients. They offer 26 different flavors and have tested each one repeatedly. This is because they prioritize customer satisfaction and input. They offer a great variety of flavors to ensure each customer has access to their preferred aroma. 

PREMIUM PACKAGING: Image is extremely important to Blunt Cloud. The company believes that their product should look as good as it smells. As a result, the company packages their product in an attractive and clean manner. Each individual unit is packaged in its own box or pouch. This box is sealed tightly and is specifically designed for the flavor it is carrying. An image of this is shown above.

DISPLAY: Due to its premium packaging, the product can be hung anywhere. However, when a pack of 12 is ordered, the package is placed in a bigger box that holds all 12 units. The box doubles as a display. This display presents the items in a beautiful and appealing manner. Ultimately attracting customers while also making life a little bit easier for store owners everywhere.  




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