Arcadia 360° Virtual Reality Headset for Smartphone (5 Count)

Sale price$34.95


Brand Arcadia
Item Virtual Reality Headset for Smartphone
Color Black 
Packaging  Box 
Single Unit Price $6.99
12 Count Price $34.95


Product Information

COUNT: This item is sold in counts of 5 One order consists of 5 individual units of the item selected. The price of one unit is $6.99, meaning a 5 count is $34.95

DESCRIPTION: Discover the ultimate in virtual reality experiences with our Arcadia 360° VR Headset, designed for seamless smartphone integration. This headset redefines digital immersion, catering to the tech-savvy adventurer.

HOW TO USE: The Arcadia 360° VR Headset transforms your smartphone into a virtual reality experience. Slide your phone into the front compartment, adjust the straps, focus for comfort, and launch your preferred VR application. The built-in lenses split the screen into immersive 3D visuals, while the headset's design follows your head movements for interactive exploration. Easy port access ensures uninterrupted charging and headphone connectivity for long-lasting adventures in your virtual world.


ADVANCED SMARTPHONE COMPATIBILITY: Featuring an adjustable cradle, the headset supports a wide range of smartphone sizes, ensuring your device is secured for the ultimate VR journey.

COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Crafted for comfort, the headset includes soft padding, adjustable straps, and a focus dial to cater to your viewing preferences.

ROBUST BUILD: Constructed with durable materials, the Arcadia VR Headset withstands the rigors of extensive use while maintaining a lightweight profile for extended wear.

The Arcadia 360° VR Headset is the perfect choice for those seeking to explore virtual realms without compromising on comfort or quality, offering a gateway to new worlds at your fingertips.



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