SABA PVC Type-C to USB-A Charging Cable "1m, 3ft" (20 Count)

Color: White
Sale price$35.00


Brand SABA
Item Type-C to USB-A
Length 1m (3ft)
Material PVC
Colors White, Black
Count 20
Packaging  Clip 
Single Unit Price $1.75
20 Count Price $35.00

Product Information 

COUNT: This item is sold in counts of 20. One order consists of 20 individual units of the variant selected. The price of one unit is $1.75, meaning the price of a 20 count is $35.00.

DESCRIPTION: This Type C to USB-A cable is 3ft in length and is compatible with many different electronic devices. It comes in PVC covering and is available in two different colors, white and black. It is packaged using a clip and is typically placed in a small counter display. It is packaged using a clip and usually placed in a small counter display.

HOW IT WORKS: This 3-feet Type-C to USB-A cable can be used to charge several different devices. This includes Android products, Mac laptops, PS5 Controllers, and many other accessories. To use, insert the Type-C adapter into your iPhone. Then connect the USB-A adapter to either a power adapter or a compatible computer. Both will charge your phone, however, a computer also allows you to sync information into either device.


MULTIUSE: Type-C cables have become increasingly popular over the years. Major tech companies like Apple and Android have begun to use the cable in many of their devices. It is replacing the Micro USB as the standard connector. The cables compatibility ranges from Android mobile phones to Mac laptops to PS5 controllers. This item will only become more popular, making it the perfect product to carry in your store. 

SMALL AND CONVENIENT: This cable is ideal for stores with very little space. This is because rather than being packaged in a clear handle bag, it is packaged in circular lap. The wrap takes up a lot less room and allows the cables to be stored in a small counter display. This display can hold several cables and can be placed where ever is most convenient. In the past, stores have maximized sales by placing displays right on the checkout counter. 

PVC: Like most traditional cables, this charger is made out of PVC. PVC provides several advantages. First off, it gives the cable a simple and clean look. Which ultimately attracts more customers and increases sales.  It also makes the cable a lot more tough and durable. Since the outer layer protects the charger from liquid and physical damage. 

LOW PRICE: This item has proven to be a consistent seller because of its low and affordable price. No matter the area or field, people will always pursue the lowest. Our team is fully aware of this. As a result, we constantly work to price our products as low as possible. We want to ensure your store or wholesale remains competitive and profitable. 


Samsung Galaxy- S20/ S10/ S9/ S8/ A60/ A51/ A50/ A42/ A41/ A40/ A32/ A31/ A30/ A21/ A20/ A12/ A11/ A9/ A8/ A02S/ M42/ M40/ M31/ M30/ M21/ M20/ M12/ M11/ F12/ F02s/ F41

Samsung Galaxy Note- 10/ 9/ 8/ 7/ FE

Tab S6/ Tab S5e/ Tab Active Pro/ Fold/ Z Flip

Apple Macbooks- Air (2018 and Later)/ 13-Inch Pro (2016 or Later)/ 15-Inch (2016 or Later)/ 16-Inch Pro (2019 or Later)

Apple iPads- iPad mini (6th generation)/ iPad Air (4th generation)/ iPad Pro 11-inch (1st and 2nd generation)/ iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd and 4th generation)

Video Game Consoles- PS5 Controller/ Nintendo Switch/ Nintendo Switch Lite/ Nintendo Pro Controller

Huawei- P10/ P10 Plus/ P9/ P9 Plus/ Mate 9/ Mate 9 Pro/ Nova/ Nova Plus/ G9 plus

LG- V60/ V50/ V40/ G7/ G6/ G5/ V30/ V20/ W41/ W31/ W11/ OnePlus 5T 3/ Nexus 5X/ Nexus 6P/ Google Pixel

Motorola- Moto G Stylus/ Moto G Power/ Moto G Fast/ Moto G Play/ Moto G50/ Edge

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