Blunt Black Spray

Improve your day and your mood with Blunt Black's air freshener spray.

Blunt Black is a trendy and reliable brand. Their long-lasting fragrances bring serenity, creativity, and freshness. One of their dominant products is air freshener sprays. These sprays possess a relaxing and pleasant aroma. They will brighten up your day and improve the smell of any displeasing area. The company offers 12 different flavors, each specially designed for your mind and soul.

Due to the wide variety of flavors, Blunt Black sells their air freshener sprays in assorted displays of 50. This gives the customers a large selection to choose from and ensures every flavor is featured.The flavors featured include Black Master, Jamaican Fruit, Dragon Blood, Citrus Fusion, Blunt Bouyant, Bare Bliss, Come to Me, Opium, Love Saga, The Sensual, Wild Wonder, and Frankiescense Fiesta.

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