Blunt Black 11 Inches

Along with fragrance oils, Incense sticks are one of the first products we began to sell here at Legend Distributors. As a result, we have gained extensive knowledge on the field. We have tested multiple flavors, brands, and lengths in several different markets over the years, working relentlessly to provide the best product possible for our customers. The brands and variations we offer are the result of 30 years of hard work and experience.

This specific brand is called Blunt Black. Blunt Black is an extremely popular and reliable company. They specialize in the production of incense sticks and air freshener sprays. When producing their incense sticks they treat them with the utmost care, ensuring every single stick is hand-dipped and effectively covered in fragrance. They currently offer 12 different flavors each one is said to bring serenity, creativity, and freshness. The flavors offered include BLACK MASTER, JAMAICAN FRUIT, DRAGON BLOOD, CITRUS FUSION, BLUNT BUOYANT, BARE BLISS, COME TO ME, OPIUM, LOVE SAGA, THE SENSUAL, WILD WONDER, FRANKINCENSE FIESTA. 

Due to this large selection, Blunt Black sells their incense sticks in assorted displays of 72. This ensures that every flavor is featured and customers have a large selection to choose from. The display can be bought in two different sizes, sticks that are 11 inches and sticks that are 19 inches. One order of the 11-inch sticks are priced at $36.00, meaning one unit is priced at $0.50. While one order of sticks that are 19 inches are priced at $84.00, meaning one unit is priced at $1.17.

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